The company Global V.i.p. Transfers is a brand-new alternative in the field of specialised and luxury transfers. All of its operation is based on European Union directives and regulations, having obtained all the required certifications in the areas in which it operates, from the Ministry of Transfers and Communications and from the National Tourism Organization.

The executives, the staff and the drivers of Global V.i.p. Transfers are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of the services offered, ensuring first and foremost the safe, enjoyable and comfortable transfers of their customers.

The company was created with the aim of offering the most luxurious, comfortable and safe transfers of persons, with high level of services, which can satisfy every client.

Global V.i.p. Transfers specializes in the transfers of VIPs of high and important persons, while also organizing private excursions and tours, either on own programming or on customer consultation, providing all the necessary advice and valuable know-how for the optimal result that will turn every transfer     into a unique memory.